MetCredit: the ethical Saint John, Moncton and New Brunswick collection agency with industry leading success rates and no fees unless we collect.

New Brunswick Debt Collection

New Brunswick Collection Agency in Saint John, Moncton and Fredericton

Since 1973, MetCredit has been a top-producing national Canadian collection agency.

With offices Canada-wide and licensed and bonded in every Canadian province and territory including New Brunswick under the New Brunswick Collection Agencies Act, we are uniquely capable of collecting commercial and consumer debt not only in NB and the Maritimes, but anywhere in Canada.

MetCredit is the one New Brunswick Collection agency you need

New Brunswick debt collection in Saint John, Moncton and Fredericton

New Brunswick’s economy has struggled for decades, and generally performs below that of most Canadian provinces and has among the country’s highest unemployment rates, which makes collecting debt both necessary and difficult. In order to be effective here, a collection agency must have an in-depth understanding of industries from bioscience, industrial fabrication, food processing, forestry and service businesses.

With over four decades of collection agency experience from mom-and-pop small businesses to some of Canada’s biggest retailers and telecoms, MetCredit is able to consistently achieve among the industry’s highest success rate for debt collection by a New Brunswick collection agency.

With the prevalence of the French language in New Brunswick, where one-third of the population speaks French only, a collection agency must have stong bilingual capabilities in order to be successful here. MetCredit’s collection staff includes numerous francophone agents who are able to converse fluently with French-speaking clients and debtors. In fact, MetCredit employs agents who can speak 20 different languages, virtually eliminating language barriers.

MetCredit’s extensive reach, proprietary collection technology, and unmatched depth of experience enables our nation-wide team to swiftly collect debt in New Brunswick that for a less-capable collection agency would be simply unrecoverable.

At MetCredit, the word that resounds most consistently in our offices every day is “respect.” It is by respecting our client’s customer base and the real issues confronting every debtor along with their practical solutions that we are able to quickly and effectively collect debt, preserving valuable business relationships wherever possible. Often, we not only collect fast, but also equip debtors to more effectively manage their finances and avoid pitfalls, opening new doors for everyone.

At MetCredit, we don’t get paid until we collect, meaning there is no risk to you. And with among the collection agency industry’s highest success rates, our clients see their money come in quickly, time after time, whether in Saint John, Moncton, Fredericton, Dieppe, Miramichi, Edmundston, Bathurst, Campbellton or other New Brunswick communities.

“In my region, it can be very difficult to collect outstanding debt. Using MetCredit as a third party collection service takes my staff out of the equation. Our overdue notices state that if we aren't paid after 90 days, the account goes to collection, and that's that. MetCredit is a great benefit to our cash flow.”