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Canada’s All-Star Collection Agency

Since 1973 MetCredit has been Canada’s go-to source for collecting business debt. For businesses of all sizes Canada-wide, we turn accounts receivable into accounts received—fast.

MetCredit. We get it.®

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Canada’s Top Performing
Collection Agency.

At MetCredit, we make commercial debt collection effective, fast & super easy.

You run a business and make money doing certain things exceptionally well—but collecting bills isn’t one of them. Your world is small, and you value your brand reputation. You can’t afford to throw good money after bad.

As a commercial and consumer collection agency with offices Canada-wide, we leverage Solution-Oriented Recovery™ to collect for clients ranging from startups and mom-and-pop shops to Canada’s big banks, telecommunication companies and retail giants—and we’d love to earn your business too!

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Collect Debt the
Easy Way – Online.

Only at MetCredit.

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Applied Artificial Intelligence for Faster Debt Collection

MetCredit leverages proprietary AI algorithms and predictive intelligence to know when a debtor is most likely and most able to make a payment. It’s one of the reasons no other collection agency collects faster or more effectively.

It Costs No More to Hire the Best.

You deserve to get paid. At MetCredit, you can relax and leave it to the professionals. With collection agency offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and Montréal, we are licensed and bonded to collect commercial and consumer debt in all Canadian provinces and territories.

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Get the Top-Performing Credit Bureau Reporting Collection Agency.

MetCredit’s nationwide leadership in the Debt Recovery and Commercial Collection Agency industries is rooted in a half-century of professional, reliable service with the highest ethical standards of conduct. We proudly sustain the debt recovery industry’s highest success rates, and numerous clients have trusted MetCredit for decades. We report delinquent and paid accounts to Transunion, Equifax and Dun & Bradstreet — as well as regional and specialized credit bureaus across Canada.

No collection agency works harder or collects faster.

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A commercial collection agency is a business specialized in third-party debt recovery for other businesses. Partnering with a great collection agency like MetCredit is the simplest, most effective way to collect outstanding receivables any time they are past due.

There are a number of ways. MetCredit reports to the major national and regional credit bureaus, which means an individual or entity owing the debt will have an impacted credit score and rating if the debt is not paid immediately. Our collection agents are highly trained negotiators who use our unique Solution-Oriented Recovery™ techniques and leverage third-party psychology to assist debtors to pay promptly. Our online system makes it easy to send a new file any time an account is outstanding. These are a few reason so many successful Canadian businesses trust MetCredit to ensure reliable cash flow—shouldn’t you?

That’s easy. Look at the agency’s years in business, their Code of Ethics (if they have one), online ratings from actual customers, and relationships with organizations like the BBB and Chambers of Commerce. (Not to brag, but we’ve upheld an A+ rating with the BBB since our second year in business, nearly a half century ago.) Finally, ask for a site tour: while a few agencies like MetCredit operate out of highly regimented collection centres, you may be surprised at the differences you see. The best collection agency is the one that brings you the highest “net back,” recovering your accounts quickly and at a high success rate while preserving your brand reputation.

MetCredit is a vital part of every community where we work.

We have a decades-long history of active involvement with numerous charities, with hands-on community engagement and frequent initiatives to help Canadians enjoy better lives. Check out the #MetCreditHelps hashtag on social media to see what we’re doing now.

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