Collection Agency for Commercial and Consumer Debt, with Offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal

It costs no more to hire the best. MetCredit is a true Canada-wide debt collection agency, licensed and bonded in all provinces and territories and with physical offices employing Canadians in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and Montréal. We provide debt recovery, Accounts Receivable management, and commercial debt collections to credit grantors nationwide. Our experienced and courteous team members include legal debt collection and litigation professionals as well as veteran collectors adept at helping debtors to promptly resolve their obligations.


“Whenever collections become tricky, we turn to MetCredit. Unlike heavy-handed collection agencies we have used, they are an effective partner who understands how small our world is. We need to get paid, but can't afford to burn many bridges. Working with MetCredit is a plus for both our cash flow and our reputation.”

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Founded in 1973, MetCredit’s nationwide leadership in the Debt Recovery and Commercial Collection Agency industries is deeply rooted in our dedication to providing professional, reliable service characterized by the highest ethical standards of conduct for over 40 years. We’re proud to sustain among the debt recovery industry’s highest success rates, which is why many of our clients have partnered with MetCredit for decades. We report delinquent accounts to Transunion, Equifax and Dun & Bradstreet as well as all major regional credit bureaus in Canada, and work hard as a neutral third party to preserve your business relationships wherever possible.


No collection agency works harder or collects faster.

How MetCredit Helps You Recover Overdue Accounts

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Our Debt Recovery Code of Ethics:


MetCredit’s strict Code of Ethics and Conduct ensures that each employee represents our clients in a confidential, professional and discreet manner throughout the entire collections process. In all our collection agency offices Canada-wide, it’s a Core Value we live and breathe, and respect is at the heart of our training, policies, procedures and operational philosophy.

Right after our reputation as the best collection agency in the country, respect is what we’re known for.

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With over four decades as a top Canadian consumer and commercial debt collection agency, MetCredit offers practical expertise in all areas of the credit cycle. Our management team has unsurpassed experience in a multitude of industries. MetCredit’s consistent debt collection results speak volumes for our ability to bring about client satisfaction.

MetCredit is the trusted debt recovery partner of many top businesses from telecom companies to banks, credit unions and large consumer credit providers. Trust and satisfaction are the foundation upon which we have grown our company.

While success as a collection agency may not require being very big, being very good is critical. We bring success to clients of all sizes with passion and commitment, and work hard to build relationships that continue to gain trust and last for life. We are prepared to do what it takes to achieve winning results and create enterprise value.

With speed and precision no other collections service can match, MetCredit’s experience, depth and proven methods enable us to quickly deliver tangible results. So you collect faster and more effortlessly than with other collection agencies. Without paying more.