Canada’s National Landlord-tenant Debt Collection Agency

MetCredit: We Get It.

At MetCredit we collect tenant debt for landlords and property managers. Unlike court-based rental debt and arrears recovery, which takes a long time and can cost more in legal fees than the amount owed to you, MetCredit collects fast—and you don’t pay until we collect.

Commercial Tenant Debt

When a business tenant is evicted for non-payment of rent, breaks the lease or abandons your property without paying, it’s important to act immediately. MetCredit works fast to collect commercial lease and rental debt while the money is still available, before other creditors beat you to it. Collecting commercial rental arrears is challenging work, and you need professionals on your side to do it effectively.

Apartment & Residential Tenant Debt Collection Agency

When your residential tenant is evicted or abandons your property without paying, the best recourse is to submit the account to a professional landlord and tenant debt collection agency. There is seldom a need to seek a legal judgment in court, as long as you have documentation to support your claim for arrears and outstanding rental payments.

With MetCredit, we work with landlords, owners and property managers to quickly locate tenants in default and collect rental fees, while respecting provincial residential tenancy regulations. Our collection officers are highly professional skip tracers and negotiators, adept at tracking down even the most evasive former tenants.

MetCredit reports delinquent residential tenants to Equifax and Transunion, and commercial tenants to Dun & Bradstreet. As a result, until your former tenant pays in full, his or her credit bureau rating is severely impacted. This provides substantial further incentive to pay the rental debt promptly. As a national debt collection agency licensed and bonded in all provinces and territories, MetCredit can collect tenancy debt and outstanding rental arrears from tenants who have fled to anywhere within Canada.

Only as a last resort (fees apply), MetCredit’s in-house legal department can efficiently handle litigation and court-based tenant debt resolution when necessary.

Make MetCredit Your Trusted Partner for Collecting Rental and Property Lease Debt and on Residential and Commercial Tenancies.

What our customers say

“For a part-time landlord like me, if a tenant disappears without paying rent I’m in an immediate crunch. My mortgage, taxes and utilities are due, but I need to clean up a huge mess and start looking for a new tenant. MetCredit takes a load off my mind, and collects amazingly fast. I’ll never try to track down a runaway tenant myself again.”