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Debt Recovery Calculator

How much is the money owed to your business worth? Probably less than you think.

Data tells us that the recoverability of business debt diminishes quickly with every passing week. Our recoverability calculator uses statistical data to estimate the present value of your aging receivables—and how much time you have left to collect it based on your Canadian province or territory’s statute of limitations on debt collection. While a great collection agency works quickly and effectively to collect the full value, time is the enemy.

Try it on your own past-due accounts.

Then act quickly—trust MetCredit to collect the full value while there is still time.

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Your debt valued at $250
is now worth approximately:

100% of its original value,
without a collection agency.

This debt is statute barred and can probably not be collected.

Considering the statutes of limitations in , you have about before this debt is Statute Barred.

Note: Values are generated based on statistical aggregated data and intended to give an idea of expected collectability. Every case is unique.

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