Canada's National Transport & Freight Industry Collection Agency

MetCredit: We Get It.

The transport and freight industry faces a number of unique challenges when it comes to managing Accounts Receivable and debt collections. Your debtors can be scattered across the country, in various legal jurisdictions, and increases in diesel costs and fluctuations in currency can lead to dramatic changes of fortune.

MetCredit is ideally structured as a transport and freight transportation industry collection agency. With physical offices Canada-wide and licensed and bonded in all 10 provinces and 3 territories, we are truly a National collection agency, empowered to collect transport and freight accounts wherever your debtors operate.

Founded in 1973, MetCredit has a long history of working in partnership with the trucking and freight transportation industry. We have developed highly sophisticated proprietary technology and built an incomparable depth of in-house capabilities for freight and trucking debt collection, while sustaining among the highest success rates for debt collection in our industry. Our track record and confidence is such that we don’t get paid until we collect on your behalf, meaning there is no risk to you or your business.

At MetCredit, We Are Canada’s National Transport, Trucking and Freight Industry Collection Agency.

What our customers say

“Our trucking company was gaining customers, but that growth was cannibalized year after year by bad debt. We’re truckers, not bill collectors, and it was exhausting making calls and hearing the same excuses. Now, at least ninety percent of the debt that experience tells us would have been otherwise lost, MetCredit collects.”