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These are incredibly challenging times.

Consumer-facing businesses—banks, telecoms, credit unions, retailers and other large credit-granting B2C organizations—must work harder and with thinner margins than ever. We get it.®

To succeed, you must recover large volumes of overdue accounts and set the stage to win back customers, in an era where negative reviews and online complaints can be posted instantly—with long-term damage to your brand reputation. With consumer debt and delinquencies trending up nationally, your future profitability is shaped by the way your business and its partners manage and interact with customers, even when they are slow or non-payers.

In 2019, Canadian outstanding credit card debt balances exceeded $100 billion (Source) and the consumer debt delinquency rate reached 1.2% (Source). Calculated conservatively, about $1.2 billion in consumer credit card debt were potentially overdue, before the financial crisis began. Any way you measure it, unpaid consumer debt is on a steep increase. Your business needs Canada’s top-performing collection agency in its corner.

Delinquency Rate Highest Since 2012, Canadian Report Shows
- Global News

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Choosing the Best Consumer Debt Collection Agency

As your business focuses on growing market share while capping managed risks, your credit, risk management and accounts receivables teams are under increased pressure to handle growing volumes of overdue accounts. As a business leader, you may be realizing those internal teams are not technologically geared up for these activities, or you’ve decided that hands-on consumer debt collection should not be their focus. You’re now looking for the best B2C debt reconciliation partner, and your criteria are strict. You need:

  • Customer-service-focused proactive solutions
  • Industry-leading technology
  • Accreditation and compliance
  • Real-time access and reporting
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Reasons To
Choose MetCredit

Your Customers Have Become More Valuable

Most consumer businesses work with a fixed market. Customers lost must be won back in order to grow, including numerous delinquent ones who can be rehabilitated. With a core value of Respect for the individual going back five decades, we safeguard your brand with Solution-Oriented Recovery™, our uniquely collaborative debt recovery strategies and proven processes.

We offer creative thinking and proactive solutions to debt management by encouraging debtors to become more accountable for their commitments and better educated as consumers. Quite often, this is the beginning of a transformative process, through which your customers can become more valuable to your business than ever.

While other consumer collection agencies talk about simply minimizing complaints, MetCredit has a reputation for going miles further, acting as a partner to consumers in resolving their debt situation as quickly as possible and becoming wiser consumers in subsequent transactions. It’s a win-win proposition. We’re always proud to share examples—directly from our agents’ recent experience.

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Unique Technology to Collect Smarter, Faster

MetCredit can achieve results other consumer debt collection agencies cannot—in part because we have innovated the tools we use. We’ve invested heavily for years in the development of proprietary consumer debt collection software and infrastructure that enable us to more effectively contact consumers in the ways they elect to receive communication—leading to substantially faster collections and our industry-leading success rates. While always compliant with all provincial and federal regulations, we are a technological pioneer in areas such as Advanced Predictive Dialling, Automated Messaging Systems, Call Recording, and the use of SMS Text Communications and proprietary messaging and payment technologies that bring us ever closer to the consumer. Our Automated Contact System asks for the consumer by name to minimize negative contacts, and call times are varied using AI to achieve the highest connection rates. And no consumer collection agency works as hard as MetCredit to enable contacts reached in error to opt out—protecting your brand reputation. We get it.®

Real-Time Access & Reporting

MetCredit’s Online Automated Recovery System allows for true, real-time access to your assigned accounts, and provides instantaneous analysis of results and progress. We are fully committed to employing leading-edge technology in every aspect of the consumer debt collection process—that’s one of several key initiatives we’re always working on. In an atmosphere of constant change, we continuously immerse ourselves in owning every technological advantage in debt collection, in order to continue leading the industry as Canada’s top-performing national consumer debt collection agency. It’s how we earn clients, and how we keep them.

For one of Canada’s big banks, MetCredit has been continuously engaged and rigorously measured since 1974—our second year in business.
Now THAT’S client retention!

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Choose MetCredit as Your Consumer Debt Collection Agency
And Recover More Receivables, Faster.
What our customers say

At Laurentian Bank’s recovery department, we work with several national collection agencies. Among them, MetCredit, with whom we have worked for several years, always gives us complete satisfaction month after month.

In addition to being one of the best and most stable results-oriented agencies, it meets all of our administrative requirements for managing accounts, reports and other peculiarities specific to our business while meeting the requirements Industry-specific regulations in each Canadian province.

The great strength of MetCredit is certainly the team of the agency who is always very courteous and professional and especially always available to answer all our requests.

For all these reasons, I strongly recommend having as a business partnership the MetCredit collection agency.

– Sylvain Villeneuve, Laurentian Bank

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