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Debt Collection Agency.

Cash flow is possibly the most important need of any business. It’s your lifeblood. When money stops coming in, you can no longer meet your obligations. If you’re a business owner, chances are you’re struggling to sleep at night. Stop your insomnia—let MetCredit recover your overdue accounts. No commercial collection agency works harder, to get you paid fast.

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Business Health During COVID-19.

Businesses like yours are at the heart of Canada’s economy and it’s critical your receivables stay healthy. Every Canadian company has just taken a major hit from the Covid-19 pandemic so it’s more important than ever to pay attention to your accounts receivable and cash flow.

No Collection, No Fee.
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Collect Overdue Receivables the Easy Way

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign Contract (one time only)
  2. Submit Overdue Account(s) Online 24/7
  3. We Go to Work and You Get Paid

It’s that simple. If we don’t collect, you don’t pay. MetCredit covers all costs upfront.

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What are the risks?

Some business owners struggle with trusting a commercial collection agency with their overdue accounts. Not only do you fear damaging the customer relationship, you may feel defeated in giving up a commission to reclaim money you’ve already earned. The very real risk, however, is having to write off money could have been paid if you’d used MetCredit.

Mending Customer Relationships

Commercial debt collection requires a specific skill-set. It’s a delicate art, never a matter of brute force. In business collections and in all our dealings, you can expect us to always treat your customers with dignity and respect, while seeing that you’re promptly paid what is owed to you. Our experienced professionals are extensively trained at collecting commercial and B2B business debt, and we have a longstanding reputation for handling our customer’s clients with respect. It's central to our Code of Ethics.

We understand your industry is a small world and that a customer who is struggling to pay you today may require your product or services again when things turn around. Let’s help get that relationship back on track, establish your business as a payment priority and reset the future rules of engagement.

Make MetCredit your B2B and commercial debt collection agency, and start improving your company’s cash flow today.
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Still not sure?

Delaying could cost you more than you realize. It’s a statistical fact: the longer you wait to collect overdue accounts receivable, the less you are likely to recover.

See how much money owed to you is worth now, and what happens if you wait longer.

Companies of All Sizes, from All Industries Trust MetCredit for Their
Business-to-Business & Commercial Debt Collection Needs.
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What our customers say:

We (large company) use Met Credit for a high volume of collection accounts. They are responsive, efficient and conscientious. Recommended.

- Andrew Fraser

We were initially hesitant to use a collection agency because of the upfront costs and nearest offices in Toronto or Vancouver, but after contacting MetCredit Edmonton for a quote we were pleased with the fast, professional response. After a protracted period of unable to collect even regular payments on a difficult account, MetCredit has accomplished more in a few short weeks than I have in many months. Thank you MetCredit.

- Lynda Foster

The management and staff at MetCredit are great. They take a firm but fair approach to collections. They strive hard to effectively and efficiently collect your accounts. They maintain the highest standards when it comes to complying with Federal and Provincial collection laws and regulations.

- Scott Morgan

Small business with some collections needing to be handled. This company was right on top of these. I couldn't believe how quickly they began collecting on our accounts. Very pleased!!

- Amber Bonds

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