Canada’s Heavy Equipment & Construction Industry Collection Agency

MetCredit: We Get It.

When things begin to go wrong in the construction, energy and other large-scale industries, there is a massive ripple effect. Smaller, poorly capitalized businesses are often impacted first and hardest, leaving suppliers in the lurch and creating a domino effect of debt collection issues up the supply chain. Heavy equipment and machinery rentals, leasing and financing companies also suffer when their bills suddenly stop being paid because of a slowdown—right when the revenue is needed to avoid crippling consequences.

At MetCredit, we have been a partner to a broad range of heavy equipment and construction industry businesses for more than four decades. MetCredit is Canada’s national collection agency, with offices across the country and licensed and bonded in all provinces and territories. As such, we’re ideally structured as a heavy equipment and construction industry collection agency.

Our highly experienced commercial collections department team becomes an extension of your company’s Accounts Receivable department. We provide complete reporting and documentation, and our Online Automated Recovery System allows for true, real-time access to your assigned accounts. We don’t get paid until we collect, and MetCredit has among the industry’s highest success rates for heavy equipment and construction industry collections.

Make MetCredit Your Heavy Equipment and Construction Collection Agency, and See the Difference in Your Bottom Line.

What our customers say

“I wish we’d found MetCredit sooner, because it could have saved us a fortune in bad debt write-offs. We’ve made you a part of our receivables management process, putting ‘Submit File to MetCredit’ right in our manual when an account reaches a specified number of days. It takes infuriating stall tactics out of the equation.”