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MetCredit: We Get It.

Service-based businesses face unique struggles when it comes to debt collections, especially in niche industries or small communities where the customer pool is limited. Unlike businesses that make or sell products, operators in the service business realm often have close relationships with their clientele that they would rather not see compromised in the process of resolving debt.

MetCredit’s unique, personal approach is an excellent fit with the needs of service businesses. For more than four decades, we have been the collection agency of choice for business-to-business and business to consumer service providers like accountants, designers, lawyers, chiropractors, architects, veterinary clinics, engineers, urban planners, landscape companies and contractors. Our goal is always to collect the debt quickly, but while preserving your business relationship with the client wherever possible. Because we are a neutral third party, and because Respect is a MetCredit core value, we are able to educate debtors, often helping them to become better clients to your service-based business down the road.

Licensed and bonded in all Canadian provinces and territories, MetCredit is legally empowered as a commercial and consumer debt collection agency for service businesses throughout the country, so regardless of geographic location in Canada, we are ideally positioned to collect commercial or consumer debt on your behalf.

Make MetCredit Your Service Business Collection Agency, and Take Charge of Your Cash Flow.

What our customers say

“My design agency has worked with MetCredit for more than 15 years, turning over accounts whenever we have exhausted our own collection efforts. During that time, we’ve submitted a wide variety of debts, and MetCredit has handled them all with class and professionalism. I don’t want to think where we’d be without them.”