Legal Action To Recover Debt: Legal Debt Collection Services & Litigation

MetCredit: We Get It.

MetCredit is Canada’s top performing national debt collection agency with offices Canada-wide and an experienced in-house legal debt collection team. Although the vast majority of our debt recovery assignments are resolved quickly using our standard contingency-based collection services, in some instances there is no option but to take legal action to recover a debt.

When litigation (suing the debtor in a court of law) is the only option to recover a debt, MetCredit’s legal department coordinates everything in-house from start to finish. For large or very complex debt collection lawsuits, we have also built a network of boutique law firms across Canada whose specialty is Small Claims Debt Collection and Divisional or Superior Civil Court Debt Litigation.

Having an in-house legal department with a specialty and deep experience in pursuing commercial and commercial debt makes MetCredit a cost-effective option when pursuing legal action against a debtor. In almost all situations, our professional collectors are able to recover the client’s debt without the costs and delays of a lawsuit, but when civil court litigation is required as the final recourse to collect money owed to your business, we advise you of the costs up-front before proceeding and always require your written permission to sue. We then set out to win on your behalf.

If you need legal help or professional debt collection services to recover business debt, contact us now!