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Since 1973 we’ve never stopped helping people and charities in communities across Canada. It’s one of the ways we can make a difference far beyond our support to business clients and the people we call who need help paying a debt. Our team members are always thinking of ways to give back, support and lead. Helping is at the core of everything we do… every day. That’s why we created MetCredit Helps.


MetCredit Helps extends beyond our walls and business hours.

As a corporation we donate to organizations who support kids, adults and animals. Our team members raise funds for youth and animal shelters, collect toys, kid’s sports, donate blood—and help feed people in need.

#MetCreditHelps in
our Communities

We’ve always been active in the communities Canada-wide where we live, work and play. Our offices donate their time and resources on an ongoing basis to help kids, charities and people in need, and sponsoring helpful causes and events. Sometimes we manage to capture the moment and share it using the #MetCreditHelps hashtag. Here are just a few of those times. Watch the hashtag on social channels to see what our team members have been doing lately!


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