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My business has overdue
accounts and I need help.
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Call us: 1 888 797 7727

Other Inquiries?

I’m being called in error and want to report it.
I’m being emailed in error and want to report it.
I have paid an account and have proof.
I’m disputing my account and here are the details.
I’m the executor or acting on behalf of an estate.
My contact information has changed and I need to update it.
I want to pay my collection account.
I need help with my debt.
I need to make ongoing payments to my account in collections.
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We have offices in these locations

400, 10310 Jasper Ave
Edmonton, AB T5J 2W4
1 780 423 2231
Bureau 600,
1155 Boulevard Robert-Bourassa
Montréal, QC H3B 3A7
1 514 878 9444
E300 6860 Century Ave
Mississauga, ON L5N 2W5
1 905 819 8939
430, 475 West Georgia St
Vancouver, BC V6B 4M9
1 604 684 0558
1 888 797 7727
63876 (short code)
Any other questions? We’re here to help.