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Cross-Border Debt Collection Agency in Canada & the U.S.

MetCredit: We Get It.

With the world’s longest undefended border stretching 8,892 kilometres (5,525 miles), Canada and the United States are one another’s biggest trading partners. 

Our two countries have many things in common, and businesses often have customers on both sides of the 49th parallel. It’s usually a great thing, but can create some large challenges when a customer on the other side fails to pay a bill or defaults on a loan. 

Debt Collection in Canada for US Businesses

If your business is located in the United States and needs to collect overdue accounts in Canada, MetCredit is your go-to collection agency. We’re licensed and bonded in all provinces and territories, with physical offices in four Canadian cities. That empowers us to collect both commercial and consumer debt, including in Quebec where a physical office is legally required for B2C debt recovery. 

Debt Collection in the US for Canadian Companies

For businesses located in Canada who serve US customers, MetCredit USA is able to collect consumer debt in the states of New York and Pennsylvania and B2B or commercial debt in all 50 US states and 5 territories

Trust MetCredit for Cross-Border Consumer Debt Recovery and Commercial Debt Collection Across Canada and the United States.

What our customers say

“MetCredit helped us for years to collect from customers in Canada who were slow to pay. When we began selling to US customers, they were a natural transition. It has worked out very well.”