Marine Shipping Demurrage & Detention Fee Collections

MetCredit: We Get It.

MetCredit is a fully Canadian debt collection agency providing commercial debt collection and credit reporting services to shipping companies. With offices Canada-wide, our experienced collections team recovers unpaid fines, fees and other freight or shipping debt quickly and efficiently.

We specialized in debt recovery for all outstanding marine shipping and intermodal freight receivables including:

  • Demurrage Collection
  • Detention Fees
  • Container Cleaning
  • Container Damage
  • Container Overweight Fees
  • Dead Weight Fees
  • Chassis Usage Fees
  • Foreign BOL Printing
  • Gate and Late Gate Charges
  • Pre-Pulling Fees
  • Rail & Shifting Fees
  • Special Permits
  • Storage Charges
  • Stuffing/De-stuffing Fees
  • Transport Fees
  • Waiting Time Fees

Metcredit is your trusted business partner in debt recovery for all outstanding fees, fines and charges related to marine freight, demurrage and shipping container debt.

Trust MetCredit to Recover Demurrage, Detention and Other Marine Shipping Fees From Debtors Canada-Wide.

What our customers say

“MetCredit has proven highly adept at collecting, wherever our debtors may be. Unpaid fees our container shipping and marine freight business would previously have written off are collected quickly and professionally.”