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MetCredit: We Get It.

Canada’s manufacturing industry is amazingly resilient out of necessity. In order to survive the global economy’s massive dynamics, the volatility of the Canadian dollar and ever-changing international trade regulations, it takes nerves of steel and helps to have deep pockets. With or without the latter, a manufacturing business depends on reliable cash flow to survive, grow and thrive.

At MetCredit, we have partnered with manufacturing businesses of all sizes, from incubator-based startups to some of the biggest players in Canadian industry. We recognize the unique challenges inherent to collecting debt for our manufacturing clients, and the importance of moving quickly, especially when collection issues are triggered by economic factors with potentially widespread ripple effects. The importance of time is particularly relevant in Alberta, Ontario and Québec (which just happen to be manufacturing hubs), where the provincial statutory limitation litigation against a creditor is only two years after the last recognition of a debt.

With physical offices Canada-wide that are licensed and bonded in every Canadian province and territory, MetCredit is a true National Collection Agency for the manufacturing industry, uniquely positioned and legally qualified to collect debt anywhere in the country.

MetCredit is Your Manufacturing Industry Collection Agency for Debt Collection Across Canada!

What our customers say

“As a newer player in the manufacturing scene, we were perpetually strained by large overhead and growing pains. So carrying a handful of aging receivables was crippling to us. Making MetCredit our ‘Collection Agency of Record’ has helped us through several rough patches and taken the stress out of debt collections.”