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There is no end of metaphors about the risk and volatility in the Canadian agricultural industry. Farmers and agricultural producers must manage dramatic variability in weather, made worse than ever by our changing climate. On top of that, livelihoods are wagered yearly on commodity markets for grain, livestock and fertilizer. It’s no surprise that debt issues have never been greater, and collecting agricultural debt has never been more challenging for farmers and companies that sell farm equipment, chemicals, fertilizer, grain bins, veterinary supplies and other agricultural products.

At MetCredit, we built our business in the heart of Canada’s breadbasket. We have helped clients Canada-wide to collect agricultural industry debt for more than four decades through drought, floods and unprecedented crises in the grain and livestock markets. As a result, we’re tremendously adept at succeeding at agricultural collections, even when the money seems to have turned to dust.

Regardless of the economic and environmental climate, cash flow is critical to the growth, prosperity and successful day-to-day operation of the businesses that rely on agricultural producers. Income may go up or down, but you’ve always got overhead to cover, payroll to make, bank obligations to meet. An Accounts Receivable crunch can strangle your operations when you need fluidity the most. At MetCredit, We get it.

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Time is the enemy in collections, and nowhere more than in the agricultural world.

Our experienced agricultural collections team goes straight to work, getting you paid fast. So you can focus on making hay during windows of opportunity and operating smoothly through the droughts.

Of course, you never pay us until we collect. Let MetCredit help stabilize your agricultural business’s cash flow, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Applied Artificial Intelligence for Faster Debt Collection

MetCredit leverages proprietary AI algorithms and predictive intelligence to know when a debtor is most likely and most able to make a payment. It’s one of the reasons no other collection agency collects faster or more effectively.

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“The road of agricultural collections is furrowed with more tales of misfortune and heartache than a country song, and getting paid in this industry can be grueling. MetCredit gets it done quickly, and has helped keep us afloat through the toughest of times. You’re our most valuable resource.”

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Get the Top-Performing Credit Bureau Reporting Collection Agency.

MetCredit’s nationwide leadership in the Debt Recovery and Commercial Collection Agency industries is rooted in a half-century of professional, reliable service with the highest ethical standards of conduct. We proudly sustain the debt recovery industry’s highest success rates, and numerous clients have trusted MetCredit for decades. We report delinquent and paid accounts to Transunion, Equifax and Dun & Bradstreet — as well as regional and specialized credit bureaus across Canada.

No collection agency works harder or collects faster.

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A legacy of homegrown excellence.

Founded in 1973, MetCredit’s leadership in the debt recovery and commercial collection agency industries is deeply rooted in an unwavering dedication to providing professional, reliable service and the highest ethical standards of conduct. Our practices and training are built around the importance of respect to our colleagues, our clients, their customers—and our clients’ brands. It’s central to our Code of Ethics and a critical focus that distinguishes us from all other collection agencies.

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Business owners know they’ll encounter hard to collect accounts receivable during their company journey. It’s ok to lean into MetCredit’s expertise. Be proactive and talk to us now, so you know exactly how to handle that scenario.

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