Canada’s National Oil & Gas Industry Collection Agency

MetCredit: We Get It.

Ups and downs are a harsh reality of the oil and gas industry. It’s an occupational hazard of being tethered to the most volatile commodity in the world. And every time the pendulum swings the wrong way, serious collection issues arise.

At MetCredit, we built our business out of Canada’s oil and gas heartland of Alberta. We have helped clients Canada-wide to collect oil and gas industry debt for more than four decades through a half dozen major industry downturns. As a result, we’re highly adept at succeeding, even when the money dries up.

Regardless of the economic climate, cash flow is critical to the growth, prosperity and successful day-to-day operation of oil and gas related businesses. Income may go up or down, but you’ve always got overhead to cover, payroll to make, bank obligations to meet. An Accounts Receivable crunch can strangle your operations when you need fluidity the most. At MetCredit, we hear you.

Time is the enemy in collections, and nowhere more than in the oil and gas world. Our experienced collections team goes straight to work, getting you paid fast. So you can focus on pumping revenue during windows of opportunity and operating smoothly through the valleys.

Of course, you never pay us until we collect. Let MetCredit help stabilize your oil and gas business’s cash flow, so you can focus on what you do best: driving Canada’s most financially important industry.

Make MetCredit Your Oil and Gas Industry Collection Agency, and See Your Receivables Start Flowing Again.

What our customers say

“Energy is a stressful sector to make a living in, and MetCredit has been literally a lifesaver to our business. When resource prices dive and all we hear is apologies and stall tactics, it’s time to act. Often if you don’t recover those debts fast, you can kiss your money goodbye. That’s when it really pays to have the best in our corner, and that’s MetCredit.”