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Small Business Collections

MetCredit: Your Small Business Debt Collection Agency

For small businesses more than others, cash flow is your company’s heartbeat. Just a few significant debts gone sideways can be crippling. Too often, debt collection troubles become more than an independent entrepreneur or startup can survive.

MetCredit has been a trusted small business collection agency since 1973, helping companies just like yours to restore cash flow and receivables, and focus on the reasons why you chose to get into business.

Because we take on all the costs and there are no fees until we collect, you know that we are highly motivated to work quickly and effectively on your behalf. With our longstanding track record for respectful, highly professional conduct, you can rest assured we will always deal with your small business debt collections in an ethical and appropriate manner.

For small business debt collections, count on MetCredit.

“As a Mom-and-Pop business, neither of us is strong at collecting on bills, so receivables were always our biggest pain point. Our talent is in fostering relationships, not making collection calls. We hesitated to bring in a collection agency, and now wonder why we waited so long. MetCredit works as an independent third party, so at the end of the day everyone can hold their head high. And we get paid on time much more often now, without ever making those dreaded calls ourselves!”