MetCredit, Canada's National Commercial and B2B Debt Collection Agency serving all provinces and territories. Learn why we do commercial collections best.

Commercial & B2B Debt Collection

Canada's National Commercial, B2B and Corporate Debt Collection Agency

At MetCredit, we have partnered directly with businesses for B2B and corporate debt collections since 1973. Our commercial debt collection agency team has extensive experience in a multitude of industries and sectors in every Canadian province and territory.

Collecting corporate, B2B and commercial debt is an art, and MetCredit fully understands the importance of handling all communications with respect and negotiate amicably with our clients’ customers, in order to preserve relationships wherever possible. It’s a small world, and for many of our corporate clientele with narrow niche markets, the list of potential prospects for future business can be limited. You need a collection agency that profoundly understands this – and manages its B2B and commercial debt collection teams accordingly.

MetCredit’s strict Code of Ethics and Conduct requires that each employee represents our individual and corporate clients in a confidential, highly professional and discreet manner throughout the entire recovery process. You don’t pay us until we recover a debt, so there is no risk to your business.

Make MetCredit your corporate, B2B and commercial collection agency, and start improving your company’s cash flow today.

Make MetCredit your B2B and commercial debt collection agency, and start improving your company's cash flow today.

“For years, we relied on our internal AP resources for collecting on outstanding B2B invoices, too often with disappointing results. Since partnering with MetCredit, we've eliminated the wasted time and frustrating stall tactics that can make debt unrecoverable. Our invoices get paid, and clients have learned that our terms are to be taken seriously. It's one of the best business decisions we've ever made.”