MetCredit: Legal Debt Collection Services and Litigation in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Québec, the Maritimes & Territories

Legal Collections

MetCredit - Legal Debt Collection Services and Litigation

MetCredit is Canada’s national debt collection agency with offices Canada wide. The vast majority of debt collection cases are resolved using our standard, contingency-based services, but in some instances there is no other option but to litigate in order to recover a debt.

When going to civil court is the only option, MetCredit’s legal department coordinates everything in-house from start to finish. For large or complex cases, we have also built a network of boutique law firms across Canada whose specialty is Small Claims and Divisional or Superior Civil Court litigation. When legal services are required as the final recourse to collect a debt, we advise you of all costs up front before proceeding, and then set out to win on your behalf.