MetCredit is the ethical Montréal and Québec collection agency with industry leading success rates and no fees unless we collect.

Québec Debt Collection

MetCredit: Québec Debt Collection Agency in Montréal, QC

MetCredit is the top-performing Québec collection agency for commercial and consumer debt collection.

In the debt collection industry, it is often said that collecting debt in the province of Québec is like working in another country. In fact, Québec law prohibits the collection of consumer debt within the province by any collection agency that does not have a place of business in Québec. For this reason, other collection agencies that may call themselves “national” but do not have offices within Québec are required to sub-contract their Québec consumer debt collection to a collection agency physically located in Québec—which is never seamless. The regulations governing the operation of a collection agency in Québec are vastly different from those in other Canadian provinces, and MetCredit has decades of experience in expertly navigating the legal system and its specific requirements from our Montréal office.

MetCredit is the one Québec collection agency you need

Debt collection in Montreal, Québec

Founded in 1973 and with physical offices in downtown Montréal and in cities Canada-wide, MetCredit is licensed and bonded in all ten Canadian provinces and three territories.

This makes us Canada’s truly national debt collection agency, and is an important differentiator for businesses that need a collection agency capable of operating unencumbered within the laws across the country.

The scale and reach of MetCredit as a truly national commercial and consumer collection agency are complemented by our use of proprietary, advanced collection agency technology that enables us to sustain among the debt collection industry’s highest success rates in Montréal, Québec and nationwide. Our strict code of ethics reassures you that when we call customers on your behalf, we work to preserve business relationships wherever possible.

You can count on MetCredit to act quickly and compliantly on your behalf as your Québec collection agency in Montréal, Québec City, Ottawa – Gatineau, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières, Chicoutimi – Jonquière, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Châteauguay, Drummondville, Saint-Jérôme, Granby, Beloeil, as well as communities throughout the province of Québec and Canada-wide.

“Québec law can be very limiting to anyone who needs to collect debt here. Legislation dictates how you can contact the debtor, the time of day you can call, even what you can say. As our collection agency, we trust MetCredit to be compliant on our behalf when calling our Québec customers, and we've been very pleased. We are still amazed at how successful they are!”