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Episode 07  |  May 22, 2019

Your First Experience with a Collection Agency & How to Make It a Success

In business the bottom line is literally the bottom line. When it comes to outstanding revenue, we’ve heard time and again from experienced debt collectors: do not wait. Time is the enemy. If you want to recover as much money as possible, you need to act as quickly as possible.

But that’s really the question. Act? Sure! But what to do…where to turn?

If you’re prepared to rebuild your bottom line and get serious about accounts receivable, then today’s has a lot to say about that.

David Hopkyns, is Vice President of Business Development at MetCredit. David is the key contact between your business, and collection debt locally or nationally. He who knows what businesses face when they’re dealing with outstanding debt.

On this episode of Overdue Advice, “Your first experience with a collection agency, and how to make it a success.”