Overdue Advice

Your First Experience with a Collection Agency, and How to Make It a Success

Episode 7

Liner Notes: Experienced debt collectors all say the same thing: do not wait. Time is the enemy. If you want to recover as much money as possible, you need to act as quickly as possible. But that’s really the question. Act? Sure! But what to do…where to turn? Collection agencies exist because recovering accounts receivable isn’t as easy as you’d think. Debt collection is regulated and specialized. On Episode 7 of Overdue Advice, David Hopkyns, Vice President of Business Development at MetCredit gives insight and tips into how to collect the most you outstanding debt and still retain loyal customers. Sound impossible? David Hopkyns says that's just a day at the office for MetCredit. He knows what businesses face when accounts receivable pile up, and what to do about it. On this episode of Overdue Advice, “Your first experience with a collection agency, and how to make it a success.”