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Episode 46

Weathering Disruption in the Financial Services Industry, with Mark Daprato

Host Bryn Griffiths is joined by Mark Daprato, a board member of the Receivables Management Association of Canada and the organizer of its upcoming National Conference on Nov 14. This year’s conference has a bold and thought-provoking theme: “Weathering Disruption in the Financial Services Industry.” Mark shares insights into the conference’s focus on the massive disruption happening in the finance and working environment, including the impact of AI, the changing economic landscape, and hybrid work environments. We delve into the motivation behind the conference’s title and how it has sparked curiosity and interest among attendees. Mark also reveals how the event is designed to encourage panels and discussions that challenge conventional thinking and foster engagement. Plus, we’ll get a sneak peek at some of the distinguished speakers who will be sharing their expertise on topics ranging from economics to insolvency.

Mark Daprato is an innovative and forward-thinking individual who is deeply involved in the Receivables Management Association of Canada. As the organizer of the upcoming National Conference in Niagara Falls, he is thrilled to bring a fresh perspective to this year’s event. Recognizing the significant changes occurring in the receivable space, Mark aims to explore the concept of massive disruption not only in finance but also in broader areas such as AI, banking, housing, and the workforce. With a focus on the generational shift happening across these sectors, Mark envisions insightful discussions during the two-day conference, contemplating the implications for businesses and their environments. His passion for exploring societal shifts and their impact on the corporate landscape sets him apart as a dynamic and influential figure in the industry.