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Episode 33  |  March 1, 2022

Turning Adversity into Advancements, with MetCredit President & CEO Brian Summerfelt

It’s been an incredibly tough two years. 

At MetCredit, we’ve always been a people business. In recent years, with competitors outsourcing their call centres overseas, we’ve taken pride in having real people working from our offices. So the work-from-home orders of COVID-19 threatened our very existence. Many of our contracts with banks, telcos and other large clients prohibited doing exactly what needed to be done to continue our work.

It required a marathon of IT work and policy changes, but we succeeded, will always be a little different as a result. We’re now able to hire a wider variety of team members, and can do our hiring, training and compliance work in entirely new ways.

In this eye-opening episode, MetCredit President & CEO Brian Summerfelt talks candidly about how we’ve rebuilt our business Canada-wide to meet these and other major challenges—and came out better for it.