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Episode 31  |  February 3, 2022

Tales from Two Cities: How Edmonton & Halifax Chamber CEOs See the Year Ahead

After two years of uncertainty and surprises, what’s next—and how can Canadian businesses plan and grow in such crazy times? 

Host Bryn Griffiths talks to Jeffrey Sundquist, President and CEO of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce and Patrick Sullivan, President and CEO of the Halifax Chamber about how two very different Canadian cities are facing the business challenges ahead. 

In Halifax, a city with half a million hotel room nights a year, tourism and business travel has tanked, and Edmonton’s airport lost 39 destinations during the pandemic. The two Chamber of Commerce CEOs share wisdom and insights on how collaboration is necessary between Canadian cities, governments and businesses to rebuild and to return to prosperous times.

For any business leaders creating a vision for the months ahead, it’s a rare and optimistic discussion that shines light on what we all need to move beyond the fatigue and grow again!