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Episode 24  |  November 12, 2020

Recovering from COVID with Marc Billard

There’s no need to guess why it’s been months since we recorded a podcast. When the pandemic lockdown happened in March, everyone was scrambling. Well, almost everyone. Businesses without interruption, continuity, or disaster plans, scrambled to make them up as they went along, as if things aren’t hard enough. The fact that people’s incomes were locked down too, complicated matters more.

This podcast talks about ways to keep cash, credit, and debt in circulation so your business can prosper. What happens when the circulation is slowed or stopped…for everyone?

Marc Billard, MetCredit’s Vice-President of Contact Strategies and Performance, says it was a massive undertaking to keep working while changing how the company served its clients. Months later, Marc Billard says while strategies and client priorities have shifted, business is pretty much back to normal.

In this episode we’re reviewing the start of the pandemic to explore how it affected MetCredit and its clients. And we round out the conversation talking about the present, and how he thinks the future might unfold.