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Episode 26  |  March 2, 2021

Recovery to Growth: Upgrading Your Mindset with “Construction Millionaire Secrets” Author Dominic Rubino

How can you shift your mindset from survival to getting more profitable than ever? We talk with consultant Dominic Rubino who works with struggling construction companies and sets them on a new path with efficient, effective systems and processes.

What we need is a deep breath to reset how we think about our businesses. Enter Dominic Rubio – a professional business coach, entrepreneur, host of his own podcast called the Profit Toolbelt and author of “Constuction Millionaire Secrets”

While this episode isn’t specifically about credit and debt recovery, we wanted to hear what Dominic Rubino has to say about planning for the future because the first step to debt recovery, is not to have to worry about it – so, planning. Dominic talks about what that means for planning processes, writing and managing expectations on both sides of a contract, and the one thing he thinks is key to business success in the future.