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Episode 18  |  December 27, 2019

Keeping Up With Compliance with Greg Hunka

Some industries are regulated more than others. The Financial sector is one of the most high regulated sectors in the Canadian economy. And within finance, debt collection is a unique – and often – ignored corner. But it’s a corner with a lot of legal obligations…so today, we’re talking about compliance.

When a company is meeting all its legal obligations, it’s in compliance. Regulations are a way to make sure everyone is playing on a level playing field, by the same rules. If you get out of line, it can be game over. Debt collection is blanketed with regulations. Debt recovery has layers of do’s and don’ts; From the definitions of what a debt collection agency is, to calling hours, times and place you can make contacts, privacy, how payments are handled, and more. 

When companies are successful and reach a certain size, compliance becomes a full-time job. At MetCredit, that job belongs to Greg Hunka. Greg is the Quality Assurance Manager at MetCredit. Not only does he have to make sure collection teams are compliant with MetCredit’s own standards, and the law, and with client’s instructions.

We did this interview because we wanted to get an overview of compliance – we’ll do a deep dive in a future episode. What I can say is it took weeks to get the interview setup because Greg Hunka is a very busy man making sure four call centres across Canada are all doing exactly the right thing in exactly the right way.