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Episode 45  |  August 10, 2023

How Executors Navigate Estate Administration in a Digital World, with Ari Brojde

Delve into the world of estate administration in the digital age with our guest, Ari Brojde, CEO of Estateably. Host Bryn Griffiths uncovers the secrets behind efficiently managing debts, distributing assets, and handling the ever-evolving landscape of managing and closing estates. Ari shares his journey, from recognizing industry pain points to creating a revolutionary software platform that simplifies the process for professionals and beneficiaries alike. Discover the importance of advertising for creditors, the rise of online filing, and the power of innovation in this captivating conversation. Get ready to gain overdue advice on estate administration in a digital world. 

Guest bio:

Ari Brojde is the co-founder of Estateably, a tech company he started in 2018 with his cousin, Alex. After Ari and Alex’s grandmother passed away, they realized the complexities of the estate administration process. Ari had a background in the financial services industry and had previously founded a tech company that aimed to improve collaboration among professionals in the industry. During the sale of that company, Ari received feedback suggesting that their document inventory system would be valuable in estate administration. Curious about to improve the slow process of settling estates, Ari reached out to lawyers, accountants, and wealth advisors to understand the challenges they faced. He discovered that the estate administration process was manual, labor-intensive, and lacked automation and collaboration tools. Seeing an opportunity to make this process easier, Ari and Alex founded Estateably to provide solutions for estate administrators.

[00:00:55] Founded Estateably in 2018 to simplify estate administration process.

[00:05:50] Difficult to find deceased’s digital assets.

[00:10:22] Executors benefit from dealing with claims up front, helping professionals and beneficiaries. Notice Connect revolutionized the advertising process for creditors, making it easier and cheaper. Ontario and Saskatchewan have adopted online filing, a trend that will continue.

[00:13:17] 70% of Canadians die with debt. Estateably helps settle estates and track debt. Executors must file notices for creditors.

[00:16:57] Listen to your customers, find deficiencies, innovate.

[00:20:33] Being open to feedback, evolving vision, laser-focused.