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Episode 40  |  December 1, 2022

Collecting Debt Better Through Tech and Transparency, with Tyler Wonderlic

If you’re like most people, you seldom answer phone calls from anyone you don’t recognize. And for good reason. A universal surge in spam calls and fraudulent players (usually spoofing outgoing numbers) has tarnished our trust in conventional caller IDs. For a telephone-centric company like MetCredit, this behavioural change has been a huge challenge in reaching consumers. And as has often been the case, technology is the solution. MetCredit has recently partnered with Hiya to display not only the MetCredit name, but also the company logo to many people receiving our calls. Seeing our logo boosts confidence — making our work more effective for clients while helping consumers clear their credit reports sooner. In this episode, host Bryn Griffiths talks to Hiya’s Senior Director of Customer Success Tyler Wonderlic about the company’s Branded Call technology and how it is making a positive impact through helping brands validate their phone outreach.