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Episode 25  |  December 3, 2020

Accessing Credit Solutions In A Pandemic, with Jayde Samarzija

Individuals, businesses, industries, and governments have struggled to cope with the pandemic.  Understanding what’s happening, why, what the risks and dangers are, and what to do about it affects everyone. It’s glib to say, “things are mess,” or “they’re going to be different.” Of course they’re a mess and they’re going to be different, but how? Our guest this episode is going to try to help us wade through debt and credit in the COVID era.

If your income in curtailed, even a little, it can be real real trouble, especially if you can’t get a loan from a bank. Rare collection agencies like MetCredit are sensitive to the human equation. MetCredit connects debtors with 3rd party lenders who work to secure lending so the debt can be managed affordably for a year, with the goal of stabilizing a bad situation to become eligible for cheaper lending at banks and primary lender. That was before the pandemic. Are things the same, better, or worse?

Today we’re talking with Jayde Samarzija about access to capital, and how his company JMS Mortgages, is dealing with the pandemic, and what trends he’s seeing looking into the future.