Current Job OpeningCollector – Canada-wide remote work

We’re Hiring:

We’re hiring Collectors for remote work

MetCredit is a customer service leader and advocates for ongoing workplace and technology improvements. In line with current staffing trends, we will be offering positions to qualified applicants to become Collectors as remote workers. You can enjoy the exciting and fast-paced job where you won’t need to commute to the office and you can earn great pay on top of a guaranteed base salary and benefits.

You can be a very successful collector if:

  • You’re a great communicator – you enjoy connecting with people
  • You’re ready to solve problems – you’re observant and have excellent detective skills
  • You know how to negotiate – you listen carefully and look for solutions
  • You want to be rewarded – you’re focused and work hard
  • You want to work in the financial services sector – you’ll have knowledge in/or are interested in understanding credit management and financial stewardship

If you’re eager to learn, we’ll help you hone these skills into a rewarding career.

Job responsibilities:

  • Call account holders to discuss delinquency and recover debt
  • Gather relevant financial information
  • Negotiate repayment options on overdue accounts

The upside is immense:

Solid base salary plus an amazing commission structure for collection specialists
Full extended health, dental & vision benefits
Subsidized transit (select locations)
Paid, on-the-job training
Supportive workplace

Conditions of Employment:

  • You must have a valid work permit, have permanent residency or be a Canadian Citizen 
  • Be available for full-time work (hours vary according to location, but it’s not shift work)
  • Benefits vary by location and type of employment
  • Canada-based remote work for qualified candidates
  • You will undergo a criminal records check

Each collector gets paid on-the-job training to understand client directives and policies as well as industry legislative guidelines to which we strictly adhere. Most importantly, we believe everyone deserves to be treated with courtesy and respect at all times. At MetCredit, our code is central to everything we do:

MetCredit Code of Ethics

  • The individual must be respected at all times.
  • The customer must be given the best possible service.
  • Excellence and superior performance must be pursued at all times.

We Invest In People – Apply Today

As a company we invest in people and we invest in technology so our company runs smoothly for our staff and our clients. Our people investment starts with our hiring process. We’ve crafted videos of typical problem solving scenarios and we’ve added the HEXICO personality test which gives you results (we don’t see them) that provide you with valuable insights about yourself.

Not sure if you should apply?

Before formally applying, try our quick quiz to see if you would make a good collector.

Would I be a good Debt Collector?

I often struggle to find the right words to express myself
People can push my buttons easily at times
I notice errors that other people often miss
I usually adjust my communication style depending on the person I’m speaking to
I tend to lose track of small details when multi-tasking
I enjoy learning new skills
I find it stressful to complete tasks under deadlines
I often obsess about my interactions with people
I feel comfortable working on a computer for most of the day
I have a hard time telling people things they don’t want to hear
I find solving a difficult problem for someone to be extremely fulfilling
I find it uncomfortable working under firm deadlines
I tend to gravitate towards leadership roles
When someone speaks to me, their tone is more important than the words they say
I like solving complex problems
Keeping my emotions in check is natural for me
I find research mentally draining
I find new challenges to be exhilarating
I never know what to say when talking to an upset person
I am usually determined to master a new skill even if results are slow
I can’t stand feeling like someone is upset with me
I am confident I can succeed if given the opportunity
I can see the positive in a negative situation
I find myself annoyed with people often
Pressure brings out the best in me