MetCredit: Canada's National Consumer Collection Agency in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Québec, the Maritimes & Territories

Consumer Collections

MetCredit: Canada's National Consumer Collection Agency

MetCredit’s leadership as a national consumer collection agency is the result of enterprise-wide philosophical, procedural and management advantages we’ve worked for more than four decades to master. Simply put, we are Canada’s leader in coast-to-coast-to-coast consumer debt collections because of our people, our ethics and our technology.

Respect has always been MetCredit’s principal core value. It’s a word you’ll see on the walls at all of our offices nationwide and one that rings in our voices daily. Treating the debtor with respect at all times contributes a great deal to our success as a consumer collection agency. As a neutral third party, at an arms length to our clients, we know that reputation management has never been more critical to consumer-oriented businesses. When we deal with our client’s customers, we do everything in our power to preserve and even enhance the pre-existing business relationship wherever possible.

Our approach to consumer debt collection is very often a collaborative one. We offer creative thinking and proactive solutions to debt management, encouraging debtors to become more responsible and educated as consumers. Quite often, this is the beginning of a transformative process wherein your customers can become more valuable to your business than ever. While other consumer collection agencies talk about simply reducing complaints, MetCredit strives to go miles further, acting as a partner to consumers in resolving their debt situation as quickly as possible and becoming smarter consumers in subsequent transactions. It’s a win-win proposition.

Another MetCredit advantage as a consumer collection agency is our industry-leading technology. We have developed proprietary consumer debt collection tools that enable us to more effectively contact consumers in the ways they elect to receive communication, leading to substantially faster collections and our industry-leading success rates. While always remaining compliant with all provincial and federal regulations, we are a technological pioneer in areas such as Advanced Predictive Dialling, Automated Messaging Systems, Call Recording, and the use of SMS Text Communications and proprietary messaging technologies that bring us closer to the consumer. Our Automated Contact System asks for the consumer by name to minimize negative contacts, and calling times are varied to promote the highest contact rates.

MetCredit’s Online Automated Recovery System allows for true, real-time access to your assigned accounts, and provides instantaneous analysis of results and progress. We are fully committed to employing leading-edge technology in every aspect of the consumer debt collection process. In an atmosphere of constant change, we continuously immerse ourselves in all technological advantages in debt collection in order to continue leading the field as Canada’s national consumer debt collection agency.

Choose MetCredit as your consumer debt collection agency, and start recovering those aging receivables now.