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The Donate4DayOff Challenge: Give Your Staff a Day Off for Helping Save a Life

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Business leaders, I’m challenging YOU.

Canadian Blood Services is short of type O- blood, and supply has been short in general for some time.

Here is the challenge, based on what I’ve just done with my staff:

  1. Ask your employees to give blood. In exchange, you give them a paid day off.
  2. Challenge three more business leaders to do the same.
  3. Share it on social media using the hashtag #Donate4DayOff

It’s that simple. In my case, I have asked my employees in all our offices Canada-wide to go out and give blood. They have two weeks to take me up on it. They may use their paid day off any way they want, and can give blood on their own time to create an unencumbered long weekend or ski day.

Set your own terms in a way that works for your business model and corporate generosity. The most important parts are encouraging blood donations and social sharing (leveraging a little healthy peer pressure). You may set a minimum cash donation to Canadian Blood Services for anyone who can’t donate or offer a volunteering arrangement—that part is up to you.

I look forward to seeing who steps up!


Brian Summerflet Author: Brian Summerfelt

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