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The Call Centre Job That Made A CEO

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Some amazing success stories have come out of my career at MetCredit.

And I’m one of them.

I started in 1992 on the collection floor, in what many people perceive as a kind of call centre job, except possibly more difficult.

They’d be partly right. It isn’t the easiest work, but I loved it. And it was more fascinating and exciting than I could ever have imagined.

I was a born detective, and this was an opportunity to use my deductive abilities, my smarts, and my creativity. I loved putting together the pieces of a puzzle and solving meaningful problems every day.

And I enjoyed helping people to resolve their own financial issues. That’s a part of debt collection that’s often overlooked.

Every call is an opportunity to negotiate a solution, to impart valuable knowledge, and to move people forward. With courtesy and respect, every time.

It was through recognizing these things that I continuously moved up, from Collector to Collections Supervisor, to Branch Manager, National Operations Manager, VP Operations, President, and my current role of President and CEO.

Every call is an opportunity to negotiate a solution, to impart valuable knowledge, and to move people forward.

It’s been rewarding, and while focusing on my career for all those years, I have simultaneously been building MetCredit into one of the best companies to work for in Canada, and the best collection agency nationwide.

If you thrive on solving problems, are a great communicator, work hard, and seek to be recognized and rewarded, you should visit our job board. We’re looking for collectors and collection managers in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and Montréal right now. 

Or maybe you know someone who fits the bill. It’s an opportunity for millennials to develop skills and a work ethic they can leverage for an entire career. Possibly right up to the role of CEO: it wouldn’t be the first time.

My management team and I are carefully watching for the next rising star who deserves to move up through the ranks just as I did.

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Brian Summerflet Author: Brian Summerfelt

President and CEO of MetCredit, Canada's top-performing consumer and commercial collection agency

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