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Stolen Joy: How Overdue Accounts Can Spoil Your Holidays [video]

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Business owners have a lot on their minds at the best of times: Human Resources, expenses, inventory, a changing competitive landscape, rising costs and more. Plenty more.

During the month of December, it all tends to compound. From the increased staffing impacts of cold and flu season to extra costs surrounding year-end bonuses, Christmas parties and holiday downtime, it can be the toughest time of year for cash flow. At the very same time, costs at home blow through the roof.

So when there is a slowdown in receivables, entrepreneurs’ stress levels can go through the roof: at the very time when we’re expected to be overflowing with joy and goodwill towards all.

That reality is the inspiration behind our latest commercial: Stolen Joy 2: Christmas. 

 In the first Stolen Joy iteration, our business owner character (now affectionately known by the moniker “Sad Mark”) finds himself struggling to enjoy a parade, food he normally loves, and even rides on a midway.

In the latest episode, Sad Mark goes Christmas shopping with his significant other. She is having a fantastic time, overflowing with holiday spirit. It doesn’t rub off.

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With overdue receivables weighing heavily on his mind—and the looming worry of making payroll and seasonal overhead—not even a photo-op with jolly old Saint Nick or trimming the Christmas tree are pleasurable anymore.

Sadly, many business owners will relate right now. 

Companies Canada-wide are feeling the pinch more than ever. If your business services the oil and gas industry or auto manufacturing, there is probably additional weight on your heart.

Each of us only has a finite number of Christmas seasons in our life. It’s a terrible waste to surrender the full enjoyment of even one of them to a situation that can be helped.


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It’s especially important at times like these to be proactive. The biggest error businesses make, bar none, is waiting too long to send a file to their debt collection agency. Since December can be the toughest month of the year for collecting, the need to be smart, strategic and creative is at its absolute peak. The debtor business’ other credit grantors are almost certainly vying with you for the same chunk of available cash. And if it’s in limited supply, the kindest, nicest creditors will ultimately be the ones who experience a lean Christmas—and a precarious start to the New Year.

That’s where a great third-party collection partner can make all the difference. People know you’ve got to get paid. Expert collectors know hot to make it happen, and quickly.

Resolve to make this your year to eliminate holiday business stress forever and download my 10 free Pro Debt Collection Tips with the link below. And if you have questions or need help collecting an overdue account, don’t wait. Reach out to us anytime.

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