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How Overdue Receivables Can Ruin Your Life (And What to Do About It)

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It’s a fact: business owners have a ton on their mind.

Entrepreneurs are statistically more likely to be worried, stressed or depressed than the general public, a fact that will come as no surprise to most owners. You have to manage partnerships and cope with lost deals, human resource issues, ever-increasing competition, shrinking margins, regulatory issues and a daily barrage of other surprises. You may be tough and smart, but you’re only human.

Every sale can be pivotal. Many businesses invest heavily to close a deal: marketing, qualifying leads, conducting research, crafting proposals, writing contracts, paying commissions, along with freight costs, wages, and an endless list of non-refundable expenses. Oftentimes you must deliver finished goods well in advance of receiving payment.

After all that, some customers will inevitably resist paying. In industries like energy or construction where the upfront costs can be staggering, default rates are among the highest anywhere.

Only a business owner can understand the stress of finally delivering on a major deal, only to have a dispute or payment delays jeopardize the company’s profits—if not its very future.

What’s more, the natural temperament of entrepreneurs can predispose them to deeper anguish: they tend to be creative, passionate and energetic, experiencing intense emotional states. For some, those states can swing into despair, hopelessness and depression.

Our culture idolizes successful figures like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, but doesn’t often recognize the agonizing risks, struggles and failures faced by almost all business owners—including those guys.

So as a business owner, your world is inherently one of highs and lows. For some entrepreneurs, depression is a fact of life. I’ve seen many owners tormented and ravaged by unpaid debt and persistent fear of failure to collect on it.

That was the inspiration of MetCredit’s newest video. When customers don’t pay, your financial obligations to suppliers, to make payroll, to the bank, the taxman and the landlord—all remain. It can steal your joy, robbing you of moments you can never get back.

In the video, a troubled entrepreneur watches a parade and tries to cheer himself by taking in the midway. But his worries are all-encompassing: no amount of happy people, tasty food and fast rides will help.

Most business owners have been there. Haven’t you?


In many cases, the solution can be almost ridiculously simple: send the overdue file to your collection agency.

As highly trained professional bill collectors, it’s our job to collect—and fast. At MetCredit, we do so ethically and within an unequalled culture of respect. As an objective third party backed by Canada’s national and regional credit bureaus, we work hard to protect your brand reputation and preserve relationships.

In short, we make sure you’ve got nothing to worry about.

You’ll feel the relief from the moment you send a file. (And we’ve got a truly one-of-a-kind online system that lets you do so easily and comprehensively, at any time of day or night. Because few entrepreneurs work 9 to 5.) You can get back to enjoying life and focus on doing things that earn you new money, while we collect what you’ve got coming. Being proactive can often be the difference between being paid quickly or not at all!

Life is too short and way too precious to waste worrying about overdue debt.

We get it.

If you ever have questions, my team and I are here for you from coast to coast. And be sure to download my 10 Pro Debt Collection Tips to avoid the future worry of bad debt!

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